Cruise Fashion Blog - Art All the latest fashion news from Cruise BlogEngine.NET en-US My name Cruise Fashion Blog 0.000000 0.000000 A Whale Of A Time <p><span>The winning images for National Geographic&rsquo;s prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year have been announced. After a panel of experts chose from over 13,000 entries over 3 categories, an entry titled &rsquo;Mermaid&rsquo; triumphed above all else.<br /></span><span><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br />Entries were accepted for one of three categories; Nature, People, and Cities, with a winner chosen from each, and then a Grand Prize winner, as well as some People&rsquo;s Choice Award winners.<br /> <br /> The Grand Prize winner walked away with a cool &pound;10,000, with the other category winners collecting &pound;2,500 each.<br /> <br /> Reigning victorious was Reiko Takahashi for her &lsquo;Mermaid&rsquo; photo of the tail of Humpback whale calf that was captured during a chance snorkeling trip near Kumejima Island in Japan.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Most of the time, the calf stayed close to her mom.&nbsp; At one point, the calf began jumping and tapping its tail on the water near us &ndash; it was very friendly and curious.&rdquo;, said Takahashi.<br /> &ldquo;Finally, the mother, who was watching nearby, came to pick up the calf and swim away.&nbsp; I fell in love completely<br /> with the calf and it&rsquo;s very energetic, large and beautiful tail.&rdquo;<br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /> <br /> With Mermaid snap coming from the nature category, the Cities winner was &lsquo;Another Day In Nagasaki, Japan&rsquo; by Hiro Kurashina, and the People category winner being &lsquo;Tea Culture&rsquo; by Alessandra Meniconzi.<br /> <br /> Please head on over to Nat Geo&rsquo;s official website <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a href="" target="_blank">here</a></span></strong> to view and learn more from the competition.<br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /></span></p> Fri, 6 Jul 2018 11:00:00 +0000 Art Paul Rutherford 0 Nature's Finest <p>The&nbsp;mission&nbsp;of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends, and to promote this they have again ran their popular Photography contest so we the people can show the world how we connect with nature. Here are the inspiring winners.<br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><br /></p> <p><span>The Nature Conservancy&nbsp;is a global conservation organisation dedicated to conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.&nbsp; Guided by science, we create innovative, on-the-ground solutions to our world's toughest challenges so that nature and people can thrive together.<br /> They are tackling climate change, conserving lands, waters and oceans at an unprecedented scale, providing food and water sustainably and helping make cities more sustainable. &nbsp;Working in 72 countries, they use a collaborative approach that engages local communities, governments, the private sector, and other partners.<br /><br />So, to help promote themselves they chose to run what is proving to be their hugely successful annual Photo Contest.&nbsp; And with The Nature Conservancy committed to a future for people and nature for the 2018 competition they wanted to know how you connect with nature.<br /><br /></span>Now in its 4<sup>th</sup> year they received 57,489 entries from 135 around the world.<br /> <br /> The competition has 5 categories of which to enter &ndash; People and Nature, Landscape, Water, Wildlife, &amp; Cities and Nature - with top 3 awards being given for each category as well as top 3 overall Grand Prize Winner and a People&rsquo;s Choice Award, with images being judged on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact and artistic merit.<br /> <br /> The overall Grand Prize winner (seen above) was a photo of two wild horses entitled &lsquo;Stallions Playing&rsquo; which was taken in Camargue, France by Camille Briottet.<br /> <br /> The rest of the winners can be found below, and to find out more about The Nature Conservancy please head over to <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a href="" target="_blank">here</a></span></strong>.<br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /></p> Fri, 22 Jun 2018 11:00:00 +0000 Art Paul Rutherford 0 Cruise Fashion Blog | Error

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