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5 Strange But Successful Celebrity Businesses

Ever wondered what celebrities and stars are doing in their spare time? Most people would assume it's all glitz and glamour, attending parties and meeting with friends, but believe it or not, there are a solid few that try their hand as entrepreneurs. So, to fill you in on who's making waves outside their industry, here's Cruise's round-up of five strange but successful celebrity businesses:

Jessica Alba’s Baby Bundles

Jessica Alba Celebrity Business

Somewhere in between impressive film roles, modelling jobs and motherhood, Jessica Alba found time to set up an all-natural baby product company. The Honest Company allows families to select non-toxic food, clothes and cleaning supplies and receive them in a package. Although quite far-removed from Alba’s role in Sin City, this wholesome business idea has proved highly lucrative, securing $27 million in financing from a range of investors.

Kevin Costner's Water World

Kevin Costner Celebrity Business

Back in 1995, multi-award winning actor and Waterworld star, Kevin Costner, bought the patent to an oil separation machine designed to help clean up oil spills from the ocean. Little was said about the acquisition until the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010 when BP hired six of these machines from Costner's Ocean Therapy Solutions to help with the clean up. After proving highly successful, BP went on to hire 32 more of the devices from the Hollywood star who also has ventures in baseball, a casino, philanthropy and NASCAR.

Mark's Wahlburgers

Mark Wahlberg Celebrity Business

Another actor-turned-bsuinessman, Mark Wahlberg has recently launched a family-run burger joint in his hometown, suitably named Wahlburgers. The Boston, MA restaurant is run by Marc and his two brothers - actor, Donnie and chef, Paul - and even has its own eponymous reality series in the States. Just looking at the amazing burger menu gets our mouths watering and their vast selection of craft beers doesn't look too bad either.

Pharrell Williams' BBC

Pharrell Williams Celebrity Business

It is not uncommon for singers and musicians to turn their attention to the fashion game, and N*E*R*D and The Neptunes star Pharrell Williams is no exception. The American rapper first launched his Billionaire Boys Club clothing line in 2005 and the brand has since grown into one of the most adored streetwear labels on the modern market and have even gone on to launch their own Billionaire Girls Club range.

Venus Williams' Interior Design

Venus Williams Celebrity Business

Venus Williams may well be known as one of the best female tennis players of our time, but very few know her as the interior design extraordinaire. Launched in 2002, V Starr Interiors 'reflects the championship vision of its founder' by delivering commercial and residential interior design of the highest standard. Company CEO, Ms Williams, is clearly a woman of many talents with a Fashion Design degree under her belt as well as her own EleVen clothing line.

(Written by Jake Gauntley)