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The Mercedes 2040 Streamliner


Is it a car or is it a jet? No it’s South-Korean designer Minwoong Im’s unique and authentic interpretation of how the Mercedes Concept Car of the future will be. Sleek, low-profile, and ultra-futuristic.

Dubbed the ‘2040 Streamliner’, this elegant concept depicts Im’s vision for the future of the German automotive brand, something that he has done previously for a host of other manufacturers.

Inspired by the German automaker’s own W196R, which in turn took a page from WWII fighter planes (in particular the Messerschmitt Bf 109E with is mechanical direct fuel injection), and in a similar fashion, this concept is powered by a dual jet engine power system.
A low profile and tightly enclosed cabin envelops the driver for reduced air-resistance, and upon closer inspection, the more discerning eye will see the influence of the 1950’s version.
Just as the classic ‘W196R’ had influenced the designers back then, Mingwoon’s renderings can serve to inspire manufacturer’s designers to take greater risks, to design truly dramatic and mesmerising cars.

With all this said the Mercedes team have actually released what their vision of a concept car will be with the Mercedes F015 Luxury In Motion Concept Car, more of which can be found at our blog here.