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The 370" Titan Zeus Television

Titan Zeus 370

Bigger is always better and nevermore so than when it comes to televisions. So with that in mind, we might have just found the very best – the gigantic 370" Titan Zeus.

You could have a whole squad of footballers watching the World Cup round your house and nobody would complain about their view with this gargantuan bit of technology at your disposal.

Jam packed with a staggering 65 billion colours and a mighty 4K resolution, the Titan Zeus weighs in at a just under a ton which isn’t surprising when you consider its monstrous 26 feet by 16 feet stature.

But all this doesn’t come for free. To get your hands on a Titan Zeus you’ll have to part ways with a cool £1,000,000.

Other sizes are available of course, with 173", 196" and 251" models being an option for those on a slightly lesser budget.

Regardless of what size you pick, it will definitely be money well spent, as every last bit of both hardware and software is custom built and everything can be customized to suit your needs.

The brains behind these supersized entertainment boxes is the aptly named, Titan Screens.

Titan Screens was founded in 2013 after gaming giants Xbox requested they build ‘the most beautiful gaming screen ever’ and from then on the ball was rolling, leading the brand to produce some of the most luxury and technologically advanced televisions that money can buy.

If you want to get your hands on the Titan Zeus or any other of the company’s models, you can visit their website here.