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Don't Look Down

Located in the Swiss Alps the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has just opened, but at just 64 cm wide and almost half a kilometer long it’s not for the faint-hearted. This is the Europe Bridge.


The Unusual Places to Stay In Europe...Part 3

Having already visited 8 countries around Europe so far we have now turned our attention to 4 more as we try to find The Most Unusual Places To Stay In Europe. So if you've always wanted to stay in somewhere like an old converted Lighthouse, Brewery, or Windmill, or one of the biggest sporting hotels in the world, or an artistic hostel if you want something cheap and cheerful, then look no further.



The Most Unusual Places To Stay In Europe…Part 2

In our second part of unusual places to stay in Europe we have uncovered some truly weird and wonderful accommodation in Holland, Switzerland, and Sweden. So if you’ve always wanted to spend the night in a crane, a sunken house, a tram, a jailhouse, or the legendary Ice Hotel then look no further.