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Celebrate International Coffee Day with the Ultimate Cup Of Coffee

We drink coffee because it's good, because it wakes us up, because of morning rituals or afternoons spent with friends. So why not celebrate it? Why not gather everybody, all over the globe, and have a big cup of coffee together? That is the plan for the upcoming International Coffee Day held on 29th September, where people can celebrate coffee in all its diversity, and enjoy the passion that coffee creates. And now to enhance your coffee experience why not have your blend of choice out of a cup actually made from coffee itself!



Pork Fillet & Pepper Kebabs Recipe

When you live in the UK you need to take advantage of every glimmer of sunshine (especially when there has been such a lack of it lately). So what better way than with a barbeque? And when it comes to barbecue's it's always good to have a kebab recipe up your sleeve as an alternative to burgers and sausages.



Taco Hot Dogs Recipe

Today is world Hot Dog Day, and whilst it won’t be celebrated over here with as much enthusiasm as say the USA, Canada, and Australia we here at Cruise thought we’d get into the spirit with a delicious but simple Taco Hot Dog recipe.



Cherry Frangipane Tart Recipe

This Thursday is National Cherry Day with the organisers hoping to raise awareness about the need to maintain our traditional orchards. We here at Cruise Life thought we'd do our bit by giving you a delicious Cherry Frangipane Tart recipe to try out.