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The Missile

The Geneva Motor Show doesn’t even start until next week, but there is already one car everyone is talking about in anticipation; The Corbellati Missile, and it’s not hard to understand why. Missile by name, and quite literally Missile by nature, as it is expected to be announced as the fastest car ever released.

The Corbellati family, for 70 years passionate creators of jewels, as well as artists, art enthusiasts.  Today the latest generation, with a passion for sports cars, have embarked on a new venture full of challenges to continue in the name of family tradition. Thier goal is to create a car with unique performance and unique design……just like a jewel.

The adventure began a few years ago, a little for fun and a little for passion, but in a short time it became a serious and demanding project that absorbed all their energies, working day by day more and more to personally follow every aspect of design and realisation.  Just like the goldsmith who makes every single part of the jewel by hand, with a maniacal attention to the detail, they do the same, designing the smallest components and assembling them manually.

The Missile name chosen, is a simple one, but a name of impact that clearly communicates their intentions: being the fastest in the world.  The target they have set is undoubtedly very high, and without any doubt to most of the people it may seem that they did so only to gain notoriety, but behind this target there are months of calculations on the aerodynamics to get very little drag force and the necessary down force to reach and exceed the current top speed by a road car.

And with an engine comprising of a 9.0L twin-turbo V8, which produces 1,800 horsepower it is reported that it can reach top speeds of 311 mph — a speed that would officially place it on top of the hypercar speed rankings, ahead of the likes of Koenigsegg, Bugatti, and Hennessey.

It’s the car on everyone’s lips for the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show, and that is no mean feat considering there are over 180 exhibitors expected to be there.

The Spec

Length                                               467 cm
Width (without mirrors)                 204 cm
Height                                                117 cm
Wheelbase                                        285 cm
Ground clearance                            12 cm

Chassis and Bodywork:
Carbon fibre chassis with carbon fibre body panels

1800 hp, 9 litres v8 twin turbocharged, light alloy engine block, 4 valves per cylinder, 4 overhead camshafts

6-speed + reverse transaxle, rear wheel drive, LSD

Rack and pinion

Double wishbone front and rear, with inboard triple adjustable dampers and ecas controlled air spring

Carbon ceramic disks 394mmx36mm all around with monoblock 6 piston callipers

The Geneva Motor Show starts on the 8th March and runs until the 18th. For more information on it please click here.  And for further information on the grand debut of the Corbellati Missile you can visit their website here.