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Aston Martin DBX Concept Car


Over the last year or so there have been many Concept Cars debuted by various manufacturers, but have any come with more expectation than Aston Martin’s offering?

The new luxury GT car concept from Aston Martin, called the DBX, took many people by surprise when it appeared at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 last week, as it wasn’t expected, but it has been well received, and represents a whole new direction for the brand.

The Aston Martin DBX is the British firm's first all-electric, all-wheel-drive crossover - and it could even lead to a production model. It's described as Aston's first "family friendly" GT and also has a more "environmentally responsible" approach, helping to offset the rest of the cars built by the firm.


Designed and made at the brand’s global headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire it really is a striking car, with a modern take on the traditional Aston Martin styling elements. The wide grille keeps it in line with the brand's image, along with the svelte front profile, but the higher ride height demonstrates the firm's intentions for non-sporting capabilities. At the rear, two-tone buttresses adorn the sloping roofline, and the rear end sports familiar Aston LED lights.

The concept’s exterior bright work emphasises the brand’s approach to the use of authentic materials, and is made up of machined billet aluminium with visible milling lines in a piece of exquisite craftsmanship intended to be seen as the car’s jewellery. The DBX Concept’s unique paint finish – Black Pearl Chromium – has been specially created to mimic the look of a genuine black pearl, and comprises a micro-fine layer of chrome to deliver a level of reflectivity that cannot be obtained through normal paint finishes.

Inside, the deliberate use of non-automotive standard materials generates a uniquely soft, cocooning ambience. The extensive application of velvet-like Nubuck leather contrasts with the concept’s hard, hi-tech equipment. The exposed leather reveals a sandwiched accent layer, more akin to high-end furniture, while the car’s interior bright ware matches that of the exterior with the addition of a gold ‘pin striping’ element on the edging.


The newly unveiled vehicle features an all-electric powertrain in a larger, touring coupe-y silhouette, with electric in-wheel motors – thereby nullifying the need for an engine compartment. Other features in the proposed vehicle are high-grade carbon ceramic brakes and cameras substituted for mirrors.

Drive-by-wire electric steering, toughened glass with an auto-dimming ‘smart glass’ inter-layer, and bespoke driver and passenger head-up displays are further examples of its cutting edge technology.
The previously mentioned active LED exterior lights, carbon ceramic brakes with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and rear view cameras in place of conventional mirrors also underline the mould-breaking nature of this luxury GT concept.

The car debuted at the show was a 3 door, but the final version may well be a 5 door, and for a size comparison it is going to be bigger than a DB9 but smaller than a Rapide.

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