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Brand Focus: Three Floor


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Three Floor is the feminine womenswear brand launched in 2011, famed for its modern silhouettes, intricate details and stunning designs. Led by founder Yvonne Hoang and creatively driven by a small, dedicated team, the brand produces four unique collections a year, which are primarily produced in the Far East, with fabrics being sourced from Paris and Hong-Kong.

With a global cult following under their belt, Three Floor’s highly covetable pieces are quickly becoming the go-to for high impact style. The London based brand has already secured admiration by some of the world’s most stylish influencers, bloggers and celebrities including: Kendall Jenner, Amanda Seyfried, and Taylor Swift.

Since showcasing their presentations at London Fashion Week the past two seasons, Three Floor’s identity remains solid with its aspirational approach to design, quality and craftsmanship. With a concrete focus on creativity over production cost, Three Floor fashion is perfectly accessible for the modern woman.

The perfect statement piece for any formal occasion, the exclusive Three Floor collection is composed of a number of sophisticated dresses, all finished with eye-catching lace detail reminiscent of the darkly romantic Victorian era. For bespoke styles, delicate ruffles and sensual fabrics browse the exclusive collection at Cruise today.

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