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Cool Material's Shark Jaw Bottle Opener


There are times when you want to tear into a cold one like a ravenous beast. That’s why the guys at Cool Material have created the Shark Jaw Bottle Opener.

The heavy metal bottle opener allows you to get your night off swimmingly by sinking some teeth into your delicious prey while keeping your own gnashers intact. With its gold finish and sturdy design, the Shark Jaw Bottle Opener is not only more interesting than your average bottle opener, it will last longer, too.

Make sure you keep it close at hand though for the next time you smell beer in the water.

The Shark Jaw Bottle Opener can be yours for about £6.50, but don’t think that is the only option to get your top off. There’s over 20 options at their website here which includes a bullet, a luchador wrestler, mermaid, skull, ghost, comb and many more, as well as a host of other practical, cool, quirky and fun gadgets here.