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DIY Geometric Halloween Masks


With Halloween fast approaching British designers Steve and Marianne Wintercroft have designed a unique collection of geometric Halloween masks.

The animal mask-making company based in Truro, Cornwall are used to making fox, owl, and rabbit masks, however have added a collection of Halloween themed masks to their catalogue.

And you need not worry about cost or delivery time. The company supply the instructions as a download template for less than £5, and then the customer can assemble the creation at home and are encouraged to use discarded, resused, or recycled card. For example old cereal boxes.

It is a really brilliant concept, and is a welcome change from the norm, as you can choose from the likes of dragons, skulls, pumpkins, demons, bats etc, or also opt for a regular (but potentially intimidating) animal such as a rhino, bull, gorilla, etc.

You can see a small selection of the more than 50 masks and designs available below, or to purchase one please head on over to their Etsy page here, or their website here.

Happy Halloweening!