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Flatland – A Surrealist View Of Turkey


Inspired by the satirical novel by Edwin Abbott titled ‘Flatland: A Romance Of Many Dimensions’ which explores the concept of a two-dimensional world where our notions of ‘normal’ are challenged, especially in the realm of landscapes and imagery, photographer and artist Aydin Buyuktas sets his series ‘Flatland’ in a surprising context that defies the laws of physical existence.

The Istanbul-based artist has transformed sites like Sultanahmet Square, the Grand Bazaar, and Maltepe Stadium, and created collage-like works of art, folding the background back over itself to distort the viewers perspective of space.
He achieved this by using drone technology and 3D software and the result is something oddly familiar, but unreal at the same time.

Entire neighbourhoods are depicted doubling in half, with city streets and sights stretching into the sky and folding backwards onto themselves in an unprecedented reversal of gravity.

‘We live in places that most of the times don’t draw our attention, places that transform our memories, places that the artist gives another dimension; where the perceptions that generally crosses our minds will be demolished and new ones will arise.’ Buyuktaş says. ‘These works aims to leave the viewer alone with a surprising visuality ironic as well, multidimensional romantic point of view.’

Take a look at a sample of the Flatland collection below, and for the entire series please head to his website here, and his Instagram account here.