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Floating Snowflake – See Norway’s Northern Lights In Style

Floating Snowflake Hotel

Set to boast some of the greatest views of Aurora Borealis, the luxurious floating Krystall Hotel will be the perfect setting for those who want to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, one of nature’s most beautiful natural wonders.

Developed by Dutch Docklands, the floating snowflake-shaped hotel will feature 86 five-star suites, glass roof, conference centre and spar, all set between fjords near Tromso in northern Norway. Nestled perfectly in the Arctic Circle, the Krystall hotel will give guests the opportunity to walk down futuristic corridors and view the epic Northern Light show through walls made from glass.

Dutch Docklands explained: 'The design is based on an ice crystal which blends-in naturally with the "winter environment" between the most beautiful fjords.'

Floating Snowflake Hotel

Set to open in late 2016/early 2017, the snowflake will be manufactured in a wharf and towed into position before being tethered to the adjacent fjords. No firm foundations means the structure could float up to 10 feet from its original location, however, guests should be blissfully unaware of these minor movements.

Marketed as a ‘scarless development’, the project will have minimal impact on the local landscape and can be removed without any permanent damage to the Arctic Circle.

Work will start on this mind-blowing, pioneering project shortly and, along with Dutch Dockland’s floating Ocean Flower in the Maldives, it’ll certainly be another entry on our bucket list.