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Gucci Brings Colour to Life

Gucci Bright Diamante 2014

Gucci has always been a firm favourite at Cruise Fashion, with their bold take on textures and styling ensuring their crown as one of the leaders in fashion remains firmly in place. So as the latest video for their Pre-Fall 2014 Bright Diamante collection hit our inbox, we were more than excited as we waited with bated breath for the film to begin.

Disappointed we were not. With a distinctly autumnal hue over the art direction, the short film - which is inspired by the contrast of colours in a Rubik’s Cube – centres around Gucci’s stylish leather bags which are difficult to miss in their shades of yellow, fuscia, deep cobalt, red, turquoise and white.

The bags themselves remain as iconic as ever, with a diamond motif embossed onto the leather, instead of the GG monogram which usually adorns the brand’s collections. In an unusual twist, Gucci has decided to remove all hardware from the bags – save the buckle on the strap – making it extremely lightweight.

Keep your eyes out for the collection landing soon to Cruise Fashion, both online and in stores.