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Instagram Style Crush: @dresssenselady

Instagram Style Crush: @dresssenselady

We all have a style crush on Instagram. It’s that one account that you continuously find yourself scrolling through. Whether you’re swooning shamelessly over their shoes, handbags, clothes – or all of the above – you just can’t help but notice the blatant chemistry between the garments in their wardrobe and you. It’s as though they are your fashion soul-sister, except they do it just that little bit better (hence where that envious crush kicks in...)

Let us introduce you to our very latest style crush - @dresssenselady. Just one glance on her Instagram and it was love at first sight; seriously, there were even those cliché fashion-infused fireworks. Her shoe collection is to DIE for – Jimmy Choo, Valentino and Gucci to name but a few – and please don’t get us started on her allocated ‘shoe room’ where her Christian Louboutin heels are colour-coded by the dozen.

Not only does our Instagram Style Crush lead the jet-set lifestyle many of us are so enviable of, she does it in the most immaculate fashion – we even spotted a hot pink Saint Laurent baby box shoulder bag, and anyone who can pull off pink with such precision and ease receives a tonne of our admiration.

From Moncler coats, to Louboutin shoes, to Balenciaga bags, we just cannot help but let out a deep sigh over how heavenly her sartorial taste is – and not only does she boast the most luxurious of garments, her ensembles even include some high street gems which she manages to convert into the most luxe-looking additions.

Needless to say we are rather excited that this this little lady fairly recently made an appearance at Cruise Premium Glasgow to enjoy our new private shopping room! We hope to see much more of her in our Cruise Premium stores - go check out her Instagram to see exactly what we're talking about, you will not regret it!

 Written by Megan Chambers