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KENZO - Fall-Winter Collection 2013

It is apt, and perhaps no mistake, that Kenzo's latest piece of artistry for Fall/Winter 2013 shares the same title as Kate Bush's hit song, from her classic 1985 album, 'Hounds of Love.' The marriage of the abstract and the fantastic are evident in both; but it is using this combination that Kenzo have  created  both the men's and the women's collections for the approaching season. Their inspiration has given rise to a collection that pairs the 'precise' and the 'technical', embellished and decorated with 'painterly motifs.' This short film, directed by duo Partel Olivia, with its sparse, dreamy landscapes and abstruse acrobatics manages to convey this contrast with clarity and style, whilst also featuring 'Day Clouds' and 'Night Clouds', both of which are recurring motifs in the forthcoming designs. It's safe to say we're very excited about the collections for the season ahead, and you should be, too.


To check out our Kenzo collection, just follow this link: