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Maharishi SS13 - The Year Of The Snake

Maharishi have always been known for experimenting with design, aesthetic and disruptive pattern materials and have been hard at it for nearly 20 years now. In celebration of 2013's Year Of The Snake the London brand has produced a collection featuring some subtle (and some not so subtle) tributes to the slithery creature. Focusing on a snake's most effective method of evasion the collection features a heavy dose of 'Snake Camo' throughout; whether it is on the genius, laser cut M65 Bonsai Python Jacket or the simple Kesa T-Shirt there's a reference to snakeskin somewhere.


Maharishi also look into the devastating effects of a snakebite, dubbing the range 'Memento Mori' (Latin for 'remember that you will die') and issuing a Snake Field Guide T-Shirt with a guide to snakebite treatments. Delving beyond a simple image homage is Maharishi's speciality and this is more than reflected in their attention to detail; embroidered 'snakebite' vent holes and rice-paddy embroidery are included in the collection.

To view our SS13 Maharishi 'Memento Mori' Year of the Snake collection follow the link here.