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Pork Fillet & Pepper Kebabs Recipe


Have we even seen a day of sunshine so far this August? It's debatable. It has never been more true that when you live in the UK you need to take advantage of every glimmer of sunshine. So what better way is there than a barbeque? And when it comes to barbecues it's always good to have a kebab recipe up your sleeve as an alternative to burgers and sausages again (as nice as they are).
So with this in mind we thought we’d bring you a quick and easy Pork Fillet & Pepper Kebabs Recipe.

Kebabs, or shish kebabs, have existed for centuries as an easy cooking method for meats, vegetables, fruits, and common roasting items. The history of kebabs can be traced back to Asian and African nations. Originating as a hunter-gatherer method of roasting meats over a fire, the Turkish term shish kebab, literally brings “roasted meat" and “skewer" together.
Due to their popularity in Asia and the Middle-East, the most popular versions include beef and lamb. Meats are commonly marinated in oils or wine and then roasted until thoroughly cooked; either suspended above the fire or placed on a grilling surface.
Over the years, kebabs have become a popular go-to for backyard cookouts and quick, yet flavourful meals.


• 1kg boneless pork loin
• 1 red pepper
• 1 yellow pepper
• 1 green pepper
• 2 onions, quartered
• 1 tbsp sugar
• 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
• 2 tbsp olive oil
• 1 tbsp ras el hanout (a spice mix from North Africa. Available in supermarkets)


1. Cut the pork into 36 large cubes and cut each pepper into 12 squares. Cut the onions into 36 small wedges.
2. Put the sugar and vinegar in a small pan and cook over a low heat, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Pour into a bowl and stir in the olive oil and ras el hanout. Add the pork cubes and give it a good mix.
3. Thread the pork and veg alternately onto 12 kebab skewers (if you’re using wooden ones you need to soak them for about half an hour first).
4. Cook on the barbecue, turning and brushing with the marinade for 12-15 minutes, until cooked through.
5. Serve with salad and some baked potatoes if you like.

Serves 6

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