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Ralph Lauren - 8 Things You Probably Won't Know About The Iconic Designer


One of the most influential designers in modern times, Ralph Lauren today celebrates his 75th year on our planet.

And while his design career has spanned the majority those seven-and-a-half decades, there is still a lot to be learned about the mastermind behind America’s first ever lifestyle brand.

So in ode of Ralph Lauren’s milestone 75 candles, we bring you eight facts you probably won’t know about the man who dresses America.

1. Contrary to his design super-skills, Ralph Lauren did not go to Fashion School. In fact, he went to Business School – and dropped out after just two years.

2. Ralph Lauren served in the US Army between 1962 and 1962.

3. Ralph was actually born Ralph Lifshitz, but changed his surname at the age of 16 due to the original containing a swear word.

4. Ralph is a keen collector of vintage automobiles and has amassed an award-winning collection of over 70 extremely rare cars.

5. Launched in 1967, Polo Ralph Lauren originally sold very wide and flamboyant ties which were an instant hit at the time, paving the way for his now-iconic polo shirts.

6. In early 1987 Ralph Lauren was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He soon underwent surgery to remove the tumor and thankfully made a full recovery just months later.

7. One of his three son's, David Lauren married Lauren Bush - the niece of George W – in 2011. She is now called Lauren Bush Lauren.

8. His designs are a sure favourite amongst the American elite, but they have also made their mark on the streets, such as the Lo-Lifes – a New York gang who have worn Polo Ralph Lauren collections head-to-toe since the early 1980s (check them out below).