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Secret Cinema - The Immersive Film Experience

Secret Cinema

Why would you simply go to the cinema when you can bring the film experience to life? – that is the thought behind Secret Cinema, an innovative group which is changing the way people watch their favourite movies.

This month, about 70,000 people are set to head down to East London’s Olympic Park where Secret Cinema are staging an ‘immersive film experience’ of cult classic Back to the Future.

With the area completely transformed into a 1950s Hill Valley, California - including mock-up buildings from the film and actors to give an truly authentic vibe - attendees are invited to wear 1950s themed fancy dress and become the stars of their own show as they each take on a role in the makeshift town.

Past screenings from Secret Cinema also include Prometheus, in which a warehouse behind Euston Station was transformed into the inside of a spaceship, and The Shawshank Redemption, where attendees were taken by bus to a replica court, turned into inmates and then shipped off to a mock-up prison.

While the Back to the Future event did suffer from a delayed opening, reviews have been mostly positive and Fabien Riggall, the man behind Secret Cinema, has plans to take the roll-playing show over to the US next year.

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