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Snowboarding In The Clouds


Swedish brand Happy Socks are all about achieving dreams, making anything possible, and remaining happy day in and day out. Accordingly, the brand has recently linked with stuntman Adrian “Wildman" Cenni to highlight it’s mantra, as Cenni shows that you don’t need a mountain and fresh snow to snowboard. Extreme Sports now got even more extreme with Snowboarding In The Clouds. #HappinessEverywhere

Cenni straps on his Happy Socks board and heads to the clouds to do a little shredding, roughly 6,000 feet in the air. With the help of an accompanying helicopter, “Wildman" remains suspended as he shows off some gnarly tricks. The tricks and stunts look even more impressive when you realise he is travelling at 80 mph.

The finished product is poetry in motion and a flawless piece of art…although you may not agree if you suffer from vertigo.

Please take a look at the thrilling video below, and be sure to check out the Happy Socks available right here at Cruise Fashion now.