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The Capsule Hotels


If you’d like to save some money on your trip away, try something completely different, and don't suffer from claustrophobia, then staying in a capsule might be just the thing for you. Originally conceived in where else than Japan Capsule Hotels have now made their way over to Europe and are proving more and more popular.

Capsule hotels vary in size, from 50 capsules up to 700. They are predominantly used more by men, but for a wide variety of reasons. As well as people on trips, they are also used by businessmen, people who’ve had too much to drink in the city to make it home, and even the homeless and unemployed such is the cost to book one – prices start from around £15 per night.


The standard capsule is a fiberglass unit built around a single size futon mattress, measuring roughly 1.2 meters wide, two meters long and one meter high. They are usually stacked two units high and lined up side by side along the corridor.
Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided, and each capsule also comes outfitted with a light, alarm clock, TV and radio unit built in. A curtain or door can be closed in front of the entrance for privacy. In addition, most places provide power outlets and free wifi internet inside the capsules.

All of the other facilities at the capsule hotel, such as washrooms, toilets and showers, are shared among the guests. Many capsule hotels also commonly provide large communal baths where you can enjoy a soak before bed. In addition, they may also have restaurants and vending machines (eating within the capsules is not generally permitted), laundry facilities, internet kiosks, lounges, entertainment rooms, game rooms or libraries within the facilities.

As with everything though there is of course a slightly more upgraded ‘Business Class’ of capsules, that are single story, and slightly bigger, and also offer things like flatscreen tv’s and artwork on the walls.


Although popular in Japan, they hadn’t really spread outside of the Land Od The Rising Sun, however in the last couple of years Capsule Hotels have now sprung up in both Belgium and Russia.