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The Evolution Of The Porsche 911


There are very few cars more instantly recognisable than the Porsche 911. It is a car that has very rarely changed it’s shape over the years……or has it? The guys over at Donut Media have put together a great animated video, showcasing exactly what has changed over the years in terms of shape, price, power and more.

There have been almost 900,000 Porsche 911’s sold since it’s first release in 1963, making it the most successful sports car in the world, and in a testament to the quality, craftsmanship, and longevity of them there are still around 150,000 still on the road that were made within the first 25 years of production.

All 911’s are made in one factory in Stuttgart, Germany – where they produce roughly 110 complete cars a day (amongst other things). Although it almost might never have been - the first 82 cars ever produced came with the name 901, but French manufacturer Peugeot complained that it was infringing on their model numbers, and threatened legal action, so it was changed to 911. The rest as they say is history.

Check out the video below for the evolution of the quintessential sports car.