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The Gervasutti Bivouac Remote Alpine Hideaway


If you’re looking for a cosy Alpine retreat this winter then we may have found just the thing for you – the Gervasutti bivouac.

Tucked away atop a rocky rognon in the upper Freboudze Glacier of Mont Blanc, the dainty Gervasutti bivouac offers a safe haven for climbers, ramblers and adventurers with one of the finest views imaginable.

Standing at 2835m above sea level and first built in 1948, the original Gervasutti bivouac – used as a starting point for the classic Hirondelles Ridge on the Grandes Jorasses – has been well overdue a revamp for a long, long time.

And although we are massive fans of the new ‘futuristic’ design, it has divided the opinion of locals with many wanting something more in keeping with the local environment at the head of the Fréboudze valley.


Nevertheless the Gervasutti bivouac is now open for visitors and the 30m2 cabin boasts 12 beds along with a kitchen and eating facilities, with half of the tube-like structure overhanging the glacier below.

There is also a large circular window at one end, offering commanding views over the Val Ferret.

What’s more, those staying at the Gervasutti bivouac will also be able to access real-time information of weather conditions and warnings thanks to an in-house computer, powered by a number of solar panels on the cabin’s roof, leading the its makers to call it the climber’s hut of the future.

Named after the legendary Italian mountaineer Guisto Gervasutti, the hut stands in full view of his greatest legacy, the East Face of the Grandes Jorasses which is now recognised as his finest climb.

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