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The OKO Electric Bike


Copenhagen company Biomega has teamed up with Scandinavian design firm KiBiSi to conceive The OKO, a lightweight electric bike for urban cyclists.

The OKO is made of carbon fibre materials that are usually reserved for Formula 1 cars and the feature that sets it apart from any of the other electric bikes out there is that the 40-pound weight is distributed equally among the entire frame.

The electric power bank is located in the center cross bar to distribute its weight evenly and make riding OKO feel more like travelling on a conventional bike. This also works much better for the aesthetics of the bike.
The 2500-watt motor can let you ride for approximately 25 miles on a single charge.

The unique and rather outstandingly designed bike also features integrated front and rear mudguards. It is available in three sizes, in either eight or eleven gear speeds.

The OKO by Biomega is available for pre-order here with a shipping date slated for next month, and check out some more pictures of the bike below.