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The Sea Fort Luxury Hotel


This Victorian-era sea fort used to be No Man’s Land Fort off the coast of Southern England in the Solent Strait, but AmaZing Venues has completely overhauled the eerie fort and transformed it into a luxury hotel that sleeps 44 people and can hold parties of up to 200.

With 5 function rooms, it also comes with an event space, a “LaZer Battle Arena," mini golf, fire pits, hot tubs, spa facilities, a bar, and more, the recreated fort is definitely unique.

Located right in the middle of the sea means stunning views all around, although be warned it is only accessible by helicopter or speedboat. Opening very soon, you can book a room for a night or the entire fort.

1.4 miles from the Isle Of Wight it started to be built in 1867 and took 13 years at a cost of £460’000 which works out at roughly £43 million in todays money. It was built for the main purpose of being a further line of defence against naval enemy attacks, particularly the French.

It is one of 4 forts in the Solent, with the others being St Helens Fort, Horse Sand Fort, and Spitbank Fort, with the 2 latter ones also being owned by AmaZing Venues.

Check out loads more photos of the Sea Fort Luxury Hotel below, and bookings and further information can be made at their website here.