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The Triumphant Return Of Jamie T


After 5 years in the wilderness, Jamie T returns with his third album Carry On The Grudge, to be released on Monday 29 September 2014.

Following on from his critically acclaimed and quintessentially British Panic Prevention and Kings And Queens albums, Jamie T dropped off the radar and out of the musical limelight completely, sparking rumours that the Wimbledon singer-songwriter had called it a day.

Countless articles were written - and even a Facebook group created - in an attempt to pin down and discover what had happened to the most original artist the UK had produced in years. Thankfully, those who feared that Jamie T had called it a day couldn't have been further off the mark. Despite no public output, Jamie T has spent the last 5 years penning new tunes and “always in the studio, always pumping tracks out".

But all hasn’t been rosy for NME’s best solo artist of 2010, however, as Jamie has recently admitted suffering from somewhat of an artistic dry patch for half a decade, in spite of writing almost 200 songs : “I would have all these tracks in the air and never get to the bottom of anything. And I think that’s quite bad for my self-esteem, that I never saw any of the fruits of my labour."

Having whittled a smorgasbord of new material down to just 12 tracks, Jamie T is poised to inject a breath of fresh into the British music scene once again - much to his loyal fans' irrepressible delight and relief.

Watch the video for ‘Zombie’ below, the first single from the outspoken punker’s hotly anticipated third album.