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Luxury Underwater Holiday Suites

The idea of holidaying by the ocean, sea, lake or lagoon is definitely not anything new, however a wildcard bunch of acclaimed hotels around the world are taking it one step further with a new breed of luxury underwater suites. We've put together a pick of our favourites for you to enjoy below, which will hopefully inspire you on your future adventures.

Underwater Room - Mantra Resort, Tanzania

First opened in November 2013, the Manta Resort on Pemba Island, Tanzania is Africa’s first underwater hotel offering visitors a once-in-a-lifetime experience over its three very different floors.

The Underwater Room is your very own private floating paradise - take a small 4m ladder journey down to the sleeping quarters (with luxury double bed) and be surrounded by vibrant marine life thanks to illuminated windows on each wall. The second floor - on the water’s surface – is home to your toilets and a lounging area while the top deck offers you 360 degree views of the surrounding Indian Ocean and can also double up as a sleeping area for those who want to spend a romantic evening under the Zanzibar archipelago’s clear blanket of stars.

Netune and Poseidon - Atlantis The Palm, Duba

The Neptune and Poseidon suites at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai are the perfect luxury underwater hideaways. The aquatic-themed suites include large spacious living areas, a separate lounge room / majilis and an elegant bedroom with en-suite bathroom, both with stunning floor to ceiling views of the Ambassador Lagoon.

Through the giant windows you can feast your eyes upon the 65,00 marine inhabitants of the lagoon and be captivated by the ancient ruins of a mythical lost city which lie just metres away from your bedroom.

Jules Undersea Lodge – Key Largo, Florida

Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida is a veteran of the underwater hotel game having been offering guests a sleep with the fishes since 1986.

Once an underwater research laboratory, the cabin – which lies 9m below the ocean floor – is fully equipped with beds, microwave, entertainment centre and large 42" viewing windows enabling you to see the wildlife in the surrounding Emerald Lagoon. You have to scuba dive down by yourself to get to it but when you finally get in there, you can even get a Papa Johns pizza delivered by diver to your cabin.

Ocean Suites - Sentosa Resort World, Singapore

Each of the Sentosa Resort World’s 11 exclusive Ocean Suites are designed to mimic deluxe two-storey townhouses. On the upper floor of these luxury pads you have an open living area with relaxing outdoor patio and Jacuzzi but the lower floor if where the magic happens.

Each bedroom has a full-sized viewing window, discreetly tucked away on one side of the world’s largest aquarium and overlooking some 50,000 marine fishes. As you open the viewing panel the room lights automatically dim down, giving you the best conditions possible to glare out into spectacular underwater sanctuary.

Utter Inn - Lake Mälaren, Sweden

Designed by artist Mikael Genberg (who was later the brains behind the Underwater Room at Manta Resort ), Utter Inn is a single room hotel in the pleasant surroundings of Lake Mälaren, Västerås boasting city views of Stockholm to one side and scenic islands to the other.

Above water level is a quaint traditional Swedish-style cottage design, which when entered takes you down a small ladder into a cosy single cabin with underwater views out of all sides. You even get a small inflatable dingy so you can row to a private island on the lake in order to top off this ultimate adventure stay.