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Bloon: The Near-Space Flight Experience

Zero2Infinity Bloon

Almost reaching space, the team at Zero2Infinity have created Bloon to take passengers 22 miles above the earth for unrivalled, panoramic views spanning over 850 miles – enabling you to see Paris and Rome during a single glance.

Utilising the well-established, proven technology of atmospheric balloons, Zero2Infinity is the first company to harness this expertise for commercial use. Using inert helium gas, the Bloon employs no combustible fuels or hazardous substances, enabling the environmentally friendly, discreet ascent to be a gracefully peaceful, luxurious experience.

Ensuring maximum safety, the experience starts the day prior to take-off with a brief from the flight designer. What’s more, due to the flexibility of the experience, Bloon flights are designed to take off and land anywhere in the world, meaning you can choose the location to coincide with your travel plans. To complete the experience, passengers can customise the food and drink options on board, including the possibility of a Michelin-star meal as an opulent added extra.

Designed to hold a maximum of four guests, the pod can be arranged to your liking and the pressurised cabin is set to a comfortable 22°C. Boasting more room per passenger than an Airbus A380 First Class cabin, Bloon takes off at 4am to take full advantage of the amazing colours of dawn through the pod’s 360° panoramic windows.

"Imagine you are flying near space through the ozone layer and beyond till the edge of our atmosphere, bluish and thin—a delicate protection from the harshness of the Cosmos, but all caring for it. The most amazing views of our planet in her true glory from the edge of our world. Imagine the change to see how the stars and Sun blaze day and night." – Zero2Infinity

Currently taking bookings for 2014 and 2015, prices start at £380,000 per trip and entitles you to a private 4-person pod. If interested, visit TRULY Luxury Gift Experiences to reserve your place.

Zero2Infinity Bloon