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Coca-Cola – 64 Years Of World Cup Love

Coca-Cola World Cup

As the main event looms tantalisingly closer, excitement for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is gently simmering before inevitably exploding into fever pitch upon conclusion of the world’s domestic football campaigns. In under 50 days the greatest show on earth will kick-off, and some of the world’s leading brands have already hopped onto the bandwagon by using Brazil 2014 as a marketing vehicle to splash their messages and adoration of the World Cup across every high street, TV channel, website and magazine around the world.

Although this level of sport commercialism is a fairly recent phenomenon, Coca-Cola have been helping to spread the word of the beautiful game’s main event since 1950 - the last time Brazil hosted the tournament. Therefore, to celebrate Coca-Cola’s unwavering love of the World Cup from Brazil 1950 to Brazil 2014, we’d like to share some of our favourite football ads from the past 64 years. You can view a full timeline of one of the world’s most well-known brand’s involvement in the FIFA World Cup over on the Coca-Cola website.