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Glass – The Lego Superyacht

Created in response to a brief given for this year’s International Young Designer of the Year competition, Lujac Desautel’s ‘Glass’ is a yachting masterpiece inspired by skyscrapers and Lego bricks.

Born in Oregon and a student at the California College of the Arts, the competition gave Desautel the chance to reinvent the silhouette of the luxury yacht through Glass, a true game changer. Built upon a SWATH (Small Water Plane Area Twin Hull), each glass floor is stacked vertically like building blocks to provide an innovative Lego brick aesthetic.

The 5,600sq ft yacht offers an open-plan interior, including six guest bedrooms, owner’s lounge, family lounge, music room, theatre and children’s playroom. The three cubic stacks pay homage to the skyscraper and maximises the space for the owner, guests and staff. A magnificent set of temple-like steps takes over the rear of the yacht, creating a perfect space for relaxation and water sports.

Having been shortlisted for this year’s award, Glass has met critical acclaim from the judges for being family-friendly and forward-thinking, but for now the design remains only a concept.