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The BMW 8 Series

With razor-sharp dynamics and modern luxury going hand in hand, and 13 years after BMW released the 1 Series the German auto manufacturers have unveiled it’s plans for the future with the stunning Series 8.

The concept (although aesthetically you are in most probability looking at the finished article) is a long and dramatic two-door coupe.  At the front, slender laser lights sporting a similar light signature to that seen on the 5 and 7 Series flank a trademark oversized kidney grille.

A carbon fibre front lip beneath is also said to underline the car’s ‘sporty and high-performance’ character.
Air Breathers nestled behind the front wheel arches lead into aggressively sculpted flanks, which rise up into flared rear arches housing 21-inch alloy wheels.
It also is equipped with ‘laser’ headlights, which allow you to see much further than you can with conventional lights.
The concept is also finished in a new exterior colour called Barcelona Grey Liquid (yeah it looks blue to us too), which was designed exclusively for this car.

Inside, a large centre console stack pours downwards, featuring a large infotainment screen perched atop of it.  BMW says that there's a ‘smooth connection’ between the car's three control clusters - the centre console, the instrument panel and the doors.
It also comes with everything you’d expect in a Bavarian beauty, including four-zone climate control, heated leather seats, front and rear parking sensors, a reversing camera and adaptive cruise control.
Slim sports seats also feature, as well as a lovely squared-off steering wheel, while the cabin is trimmed in 'Marino' leather in dark brown and white, and to lend a sporty feeling to the cockpit, naked carbin fibre trim is applied liberally.

Not much is known about the engine, but we know the production car will borrow engines from the current 7 Series range.  Up to three petrol options will be offered, likely badged as the 840i, 850i and M860i, with the most powerful of those, the M860i, expected to produce 601bhp, and get the car to 62mph from a standing start in around 3.7sec.

Two diesel version are also expected, as well as a hybrid version, and not to mention a top-of-the-range flagship M8.

Although not released until next year it isn’t the finished article (with the end result expected in September), but it quite literally is a shape of the shape things to come.
You can see more pictures below.