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Brand Focus: Polo Ralph Lauren


Ever since the fashion designer and philanthropist first began his career in fashion 40 years ago, Ralph Lauren has grown to be one of the world’s biggest fashion powerhouses. With no formal design training, Ralph Lauren founded his fashion empire in 1967, starting with a collection of ties which has grown into the premium quality lifestyle brand that it is today.

Today, the all-American brand embodies chic, preppy style. Creating a collection of men’s and womenswear which forms the basis of wardrobes around the world, Ralph Lauren perceives his creative ventures as more than just the production of exquisite garments: “We don’t only sell clothes, we are selling a dream and a vision.” And it is that exact vision which makes Polo Ralph Lauren so unique.

DID YOU KNOW: Ralph Lauren's original name is Ralph Lifshitz but he changed
it to Ralph Lauren when he was a teenager.

Defining the essence of American style, Polo Ralph Lauren delivers an extensive range of chic clothing suitable for multiple social occasions. From iconic polo knit shirts, luxurious sweaters, and stylish trainers – there’s no denying the clean cut appeal of Polo Ralph Lauren apparel.


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