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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 6th March), we hope you are all suitably organised so that you can show your love and gratitude, and celebrate just what an amazing person your Mother is.

However if you aren’t here are a few ideas of gifts that you can make yourself.

If money is an issue then you need not worry, as all these can be crafted together for minimal cost, and even if money isn’t an option we appreciate that sometimes just buying something generic from a shop doesn’t have the thought and care that you would like.

Ok lets first start with a card. have the brilliant idea of silhouette pop up cards, and even better they are generously giving them away for free. All you need to do is put some paper in a printer, download the template (a PDF file), print it out, and then cut on the lines they say. Then, just assemble with glue or tape to your outer card, and hey presto that’s the first job sorted.


Now flowers.

Whilst giving a big bunch of flowers is a lovely touch the people at have tweaked this idea a little bit. By either buying a big bunch and splitting it, or buying some non-mixed bunches, cutting the stems and then wrapping them with tissue paper, and then parcel paper, and then holding it together with some string you can create a mini bouquet.
These are especially good if you need to hand them out to more than one person.


Now onto gifts.

The first one we have come across is a beautiful design using old jigsaw pieces from over at the website C’mon every house has an old jigsaw that is either missing pieces or hasn’t seen the light of day in the last 20 years!
These can be created in no time at all, meaning they take just about the right time to make with little children, as they won’t lose concentration. The instructions are really easy too, and you can have whatever shape you want, although naturally this time we have chosen a heart. You can use the colour of the jigsaw pieces, or if you reverse them to the back of the pieces you have a blank canvas to colour them as you desire.


Next up we have photo collage letters courtesy of the people at It’s a relatively simple idea, but it’s the thought and effort that going into the planning that make it really special, and also the fact that it looks really great when finished. You can spell out whatever name you want, and then it just requires you to select pictures, photocopy them (colour or black and white), and then arrange them however you like.
It creates a memory that can be shared by others.


Now we know why should be trying to take away business from ourselves, but making your own tote bag as shown at seems a great idea. Custom tote bags can add to a fun personal fashion statement. Learn how to make a lined fabric tote bag that's perfect for Mother’s Day whether it’s used for work or play, and you don't even need to have any experience with a sewing machine to make one.


Finally we have a blooming monogram…no that’s what you actually call it. It takes two of the ideas from earlier and mixes them up. This is a case of filling letters up with flowers. You can use fresh flowers, but for a gift that will last for years to come it’s better to use faux ones, and as with all the other ideas it makes for a truly stunning finished product. For more information on this please head on over to


And if DIY isn’t your thing then check out our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas right here at Cruise.