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Gascoigne: The Documentary


‘The Italia ’90 World Cup was a renaissance for English football, watched by millions of people across the UK. Its leading figure was the young Paul Gascoigne – a player who had come to prominence with his hometown club Newcastle United and who now, upon England’s semi-final exit, captured the hearts of the nation.
Gascoigne returned home to a hero’s welcome and became a superstar of international football. With his irrepressible spirit and extraordinary skills he was for a generation of players and fans the most captivating footballer they had ever seen.
Gascoigne is the definitive story – in his own words – behind the inspired play on the pitch and the personal struggles and controversies off it. With revealing contributions from Gary Lineker, Jose Mourinho and Wayne Rooney, it tells one of sport’s most remarkable tales.’


With the 25 year anniversary of ‘that’ forever-remembered night in Turin against West Germany the documentary ‘Gascoigne’ has been eagerly talked about on social media……but that’s completely understandable. After all there are very few players universally liked as much Gazza.
One of the most technically gifted players to ever pull on a football shirt he became a national treasure playing for the likes of Newcastle, Tottenham, Lazio, Rangers, Middlesbrough, Everton, and obviously England, but as much as he experienced the highest highs he also had the lowest lows towards the end of his playing career, and into retirement, as was often well documented in the media. This documentary largely narrated by himself chronicles everything.

Gascoigne is set for a one-night only theatrical release on June 8th and will hit Blu-ray and DVD on June 15th, but you can check out the trailer below.