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Smart-Casual Made Easy


Hugo Boss has long been established as the connoisseur of sophistication and style. Often perceived as more serious, masculine brand, the Hugo Boss collections have always been a trustworthy point of reference for nailing sharp looks. Of course, the German brand is renowned for their impeccable formal tailoring, but not everything is as formal as it seems...

Smart-casual. It's the age old conundrum. How do you get the balance? How smart is too smart, and how casual is too casual? In the latest Hugo Boss campaign, we are taught how style is about how it's interpreted by the wearer. You can dress formal in a casual environment providing you can have fun with it. In short, if you don a Hugo Boss ensemble you are guaranteed a style edge. Whether it's amped up to formal wear, or toned down for the infamous 'smart-casual' dress code is entirely down to you.

Check out the latest video for a bit of sartorial inspiration, and once you've done that, why not check out some of our suggestions for a slick 'smart casual' ensemble...


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