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The AP40 Retro Games Wireless Controller


To celebrate Apple's 40th anniversary the guys at 8bitdo wanted to bring something special to the world. The result is a Kickstarter appeal and introduction to the AP40 - a wireless bluetooth controller, designed as an homage to Apple's original retro logo – that is sure to success.

Complete with a rainbow face plate that is reminiscent of Apple’s classic logo, the AP40 is a Bluetooth controller that is fully compatible with Mac/PC and iOS/Android devices, and you can even use the AP40 on retro systems like the NES, SNES.

Additionally, with the included retro receiver users can connect their AP40, 8bitdo controllers or arcade sticks and even next-gen controllers with the original Apple IIc computer.

You can even get a funky little stand that is made out of aluminum and modeled on the original Apple II computer, and can house your controller when not in use or a stand for an iPhone / iPad etc when gaming.


Connecting the AP40 with any of your devices is a breeze. It pairs the same way that most other Bluetooth devices pair. You start by putting your controller in "Bluetooth mode" then in your devices Bluetooth setting, select the controller and it's paired. Check out the video on the Kickstarter page to see how easy it is to pair with each device.

As previously mentioned this project is only at Kickstarter level at the moment, however as of writing this (Wed 28th Sept) it has already raised almost $100,000 of it’s $125,000 target, so it’s pretty much a certainty to go ahead.
It’s not hard to see why either. You can back the project by buying a controller for just over £35.
And unlike some projects that take years and years to complete even after successfully raising the money (look at the Oculus Rift for example), the team at 8bitdo aim to have this in you gaming hands by January, which is pretty good going.

For more information and to back the project and purchase the AP40 controller head over to the Kickstarter page here.