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The History Of Photography In Just 5 Minutes


Nowadays everyone is a photographer. From the age of 5 to 95 anyone can take a picture. We live in a world of Instagram. It’s a billion dollar business, where said app for example has more than 400 million users.
However did you know that the first ‘selfie’ was taken in 1839? That’s 177 years ago!!! And did you know that the first ‘Photoshop’ happened way back in 1861 and involved the President of the United States Of America? If you answered no then this video timeline might just be for you.

The guys over at COOPH (Cooperative Of Photography) have put together a short, but informative and fun video expertly explains anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the art of photography. From its ancient beginnings that can be traced back to 400 BC, to right through to the 21st Century and phenomenon that is the camera phone.

It covers the progression of technology and includes all the prominent and major players in the game from what basically turned science to art. It makes for great viewing.

Don’t be ‘negative’, and check it out below.