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The Pure - Contemporary Foosball Table


The French manufacturer Billiards Toulet have partnered up with fellow countryman, and International football player Mathieu Debuchy, to create the company Debuchy By Toulet which is specialising in making high end foosball tables.

Together they have created a range of foosball tables with different designs to the norm. Some elements have been kept the same to cater to the nostalgic people, but they always propose a twist: chromed players, black game field, a pickled wood and so on.


Each model is 100% made in France, and is tested and approved by the ex-Lille, Newcastle, and current Arsenal defender.

Their latest creations has seen them team up with Belgium designer Alain Gilles to create the sleek foosball table ‘The Pure’.

It has been designed in order to bring a sense of warmth for those moments of togetherness with the family. With the strong use of wooden elements, quiet presence, and a reference to Nordic design it aims to be a somewhat timeless modern piece. From the top, its shape refers to modern football stadiums.

The Pure is available in a variety of finishes, including white and black colourways, with each unit individually numbered.


To see this and the rest of their collection please visit their website here.