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The Swing At The End Of The World


So you’re one of the people who claims they are not scared of heights? This might make you reconsider.

A simple treehouse in the Ecuadorian wilderness just outside the City of Banos is attracting more and more people because of the simplest of things. A swing. This isn’t an ordinary swing though. This is a swing out into nothingness, with the ground several thousand feet below.


The ‘Treehouse’ is known as Casa del Arbol , and is actually a seismic monitoring station for Mt. Tungurahua, the active volcano in the distance. Crude in it’s design, safety isn’t a high priority here, but participants say this just adds to the overall rush or excitement. It is basically just a piece of wood with 2 fairly thin ropes attached to a metal beam protruding from the side of the station. It does offer stunning (if not terrifying views of the volcano and the Cordillera Oriental section of the Andes, but lets face it you could see most of that stood at the side.

Suddenly swings aren’t just for kids anymore. Oh yeah and it’ll only cost you about 50p to have a go!