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The Treasures Of Zakynthos


Maciej Tomków’s “Treasures of Zakynthos" is a film completed in its entirety using the time-lapse cinematography technique in the most beautiful parts of the Greek island - Zakynthos. Some of the places portrayed in it are typical tourist destinations, while others are unique, quiet and magical. The real treasures for the eye are the often unexplored, off-the-beaten-path locations. The film lets the viewer experience the extraordinary nature and magic of the formidable Greek landscapes.


In total it took Maciej Tomków 4 trips, 840 hours spent on Zakynthos, 2000 km travelled on the island, 28 days of shooting, 3TB of time-lapse footage, 380 hours of post-production, 100 kg film equipment weight, but the results make all of that more than worthwhile.


Greece is home to more than 3000 islands, of which one of the crowning gems of the Ionic Sea to the west of the Greek mainland is Zakynthos, an island inhabited by 40,000 people, but visited by over half a million people each year. This is for good reason — featuring strikingly clear waters, plentiful beaches, stunning rock formations and even a dramatic shipwreck to wander in and around, it is no wonder the island is such a major attraction on the tourist route, and appealed so greatly to Maciej.

Enjoy the beautiful cinematography below, and to see more of Maciej Tomków’s work please visit his website here.