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Air In Motion

It’s taken nearly 3 years to produce, but shot from one sunset and one sunrise Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Vincent Laforet brings us a truly stunning aerial showcase of Los Angeles in a video titled Air in Motion.

Vincent Laforet is among the most influential pioneers working in contemporary photography and film today. His unique commercials for such well-known brands as Apple, Nike, General Electric, CNN, and Canon, and his groundbreaking photography for magazines such as National Geographic, Vanity Fair, and Sports Illustrated, to name just a few, cover a broad spectrum of subjects and narratives.
Yet a common thread runs through his work: It always features cutting-edge technologies that make the photographs and films inventive, iconic and unforgettable and this is evident in no better example than his latest piece of work called Air In Motion.

Having previously covered American cities such as New York and Las Vegas, Laforet took his camera to the City of Angles for another dazzling visual exploration. Using a RED 8K Helium camera and a Fujinon Premier 18-85mm T2.0 lens he is able to capture the sunset and sunrise as well as the best landscapes that LA has to offer.

Check out the truly stunning video below, and for more information on this and Laforet’s other projects please visit his official website here.