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Go Extreme In Dubai

Shot entirely on a GoPro professional BMX‘er Nigel Sylvester offers an alternative and thrilling look at the luxurious Middle Eastern metropolis that is Dubai. Including everything from skydiving and jet-skiing, to playing with exotic animals this is a must watch.

The video opens up with Sylvester and his trusty red BMX bike inside a small airplane, high above the desert. A few quick cuts later and he’s out the door, skydiving with his bike until he touches down, wheels first, on the bright orange sand.
But that is the last we see of the bike for a while, as Sylvester links up with a crew on a variety of all-terrain vehicles and they tear off across the desert together.
In fact, there are only about 10 seconds of actual BMX riding in the first minute and a half, but this is exactly what makes Sylvester’s videos so entertaining for the average viewer; they are so much more than a stunt reel.
Over the course of the video Sylvester skydives, races supercars, rides a jet ski, goes snowboarding, goes down a slide at a water park, swims underwater with fish, feeds a giraffe, and even practices a bit of rooftop falconry, and yes, somewhere in there, he manages to pull off a couple of bike stunts too.
It is like a flip book tour of the city, a fast-paced adventure that you will want to replay again and again just to see how it all works.

The seamlessly edited video is actually the 4th video in his Go! video series having previously stopped at New York, Los Angeles, and Toyko.  His next stop is rumoured to be in London. You can find out more over at

In the meantime Go! check out the video below.