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Helmut Lang An Artist Trapped In A Fashion World

The most influential designer of the 1990's is back. Or is he? He is, but not as we know it.....

Known far and wide for his raw edged neutral palette and modern and completely minimalistic clothing. Vogue named Lang 'The coming age of cool'

Helmut was an early adopter of the internet , choosing to show his Fall 1998 collection on CD’s. He began the process of changing the viewing of fashion towards an everyone’s welcome art gallery mentality.

During this period Lang was introduced to artist Jenny Holzer by Interview’s then editor-in-chief, acclaimed art critic Ingrid Sischy. Holzer later described her and Lang’s synchronised tastes as “a little mean, and less-is-more”.

They began learning each other and eventually collaborating. Hundreds of cabs swarmed New York with ‘HELMUT LANG’ – no image, and seemingly no product – lit up on their roofs. Just black, white, and Futura Condensed font triggering desire.

After leaving Helmut Lang the brand, the designer applied for an artist’s studio permit from the East Hampton town board and donated thousands of items from his archive to museums the world over.

In 2011 he unveiled the art exhibition ‘Make It Hard’; some 6000 items of Helmut Lang clothing, 25 years of work, shredded, mixed with pigment and resin and reformed into twelve sculptures. Helmut Lang had always been an artist trapped in a businessman’s world. He may have left his name behind, but he didn’t leave his identity

He now brings us theses beautiful creations.