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Inside Dior


Following the success of the 2015 documentary Dior and I - which was about Raf Simmon’s first collection for Dior, TV Channel More 4 will be airing a new two part series called Inside Dior.

This starts on Thursday 9th Feb, which is also the first day of New York Fashion Week.

Both episodes will focus on preparations for major events for the house—the first is Dior’s 70th anniversary, and they celebrate all these successful years in fashion.

The second is Maria Grazia Chiuri’s debut collection.

Inside Dior promises to provide a talking point for discussions and fashion along with female identity and how that has changed since Dior launched in the 1940’s.

Chiuri’s first collection certainly sparked discussion around these issues, with show notes referencing the first ever female creative director’s ‘boldly feminine outlook’ and t-shirts bearing the slogan ‘We Should All Be Feminists’

International Vogue editor, Suzy Menkes, says: “I think that Christian Dior stood so much for a kind of femininity that just doesn’t exist anymore. I don't think we need a gentle world now; the world is tough out there…”

Watch Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first show for Dior below...

Fashion fans who have a deep appreciation for the non-glamorous side of the industry—the hours of planning and sewing—are in luck, as yet another documentary about Dior is coming soon.