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Introducing OFF-WHITE


Introducing OFF-WHITE.

Virgil Abloh’s still finding his feet as a fashion designer, and he’s certainly got some fierce competition. His collections may not be as slick and refined other designers, but his ability to bridge the gap between high fashion and art with urban style with second to none.

No other show at Paris Fashion Week managed to draw the same mix of Vogue editors, musicians, and Instagram personalities as OFF-WHITE. A sign Virgil is taking street wear into the fashion word and doing in by storm.

OFF -WHITE's high meets low attitude is exactly what people want from a brand these days. His brand might still be in its early stages but with each collection he gets better and better.We definitely agree he’s one to watch!

Virgil, originally from Chicago began as Kanye West's right hand creative director and has now stepped into his own fashion range with Off-White. The eye catching streetwise label has quickly achieved cult status after launching in 2013.

Word began spreading at Paris Fashion Week that Abloh is on the short list of candidates to succeed in the fashion industry, and that he is big news.

Abloh defines himself by little details, and fashion is just one part of his creative portfolio. He studied architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and is as passionate about Mies van der Rohe as he is about Raf Simons.

Abloh knows as much about history as he does about the hottest new music on the streets, to top it off he is also a DJ.

Off-White is his creation of all these ideas, and for articulate Abloh, it’s as much a philosophy and a lifestyle as it is a clothing label.

He mashes together fashion and drawing which he says is inspired by youth culture. Celebrities and fashion insiders aside, it’s the kids who make up the core of Off-White’s fervent fan base.

Discover the range’s experimental detail and eclectic influences online here at Cruise.