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The BMW M Bike

Do you want a brand new limited production BMW M vehicle for just £1200? Well BMW is just about to release one so get ready. There is a catch though; it has less than one horsepower……in fact, it only has one humanpower……because it is a bicycle.

Last week at the Frankfurt Motor Show BMW unveiled their new incarnation of the M5 to the world, however they also released a limited edition Marina Bay Blue M Bike to go alongside it for when travelling in luxury gets too much.

This isn’t just a gimmick though – it is built to be ridden.
In the same metallic colourway as the saloon the M Bike Limited Carbon Edition comes with a hydro-formed aluminum frame and carbon fork, seat posts and spacers so agile and light.  It also boasts a 28-inch Continental Cruise Contact tires and hydraulic Shimano discs for braking ensuring maximum safety.

It’s a good deal cheaper than it’s 4-wheel friend which is set to be released next year, and will cost around £108,000.
As previously mentioned it is set to retail for round about £1200 the M Bike will be limited to 500 models, with each one individually numbered and due to this those who purchase the bike will also receive a special certificate to commemorate their buy.