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The Fish Bar With A View

Born from a love of fresh, honest, and healthy seafood, a husband and wife team set out in 2012 to highlight what produce was available locally. With two converted shipping containers set up on Tynemouth shorefront Riley’s Fish Shack has done just that whilst earning rave reviews along the way.

Remember a few weeks ago we brought you the Ship Shape Designs blog about people who put shipping containers to other uses?  Well this is a great example right on the north east's doorstep.

Opened in the summer of 2015, having earned rave reviews with their mobile (basically a bicycle) fish stall that was a regular fixture at festivals, food events, and private parties throughout the summers of 2014 and ’15, Riley’s Fish Shack was founded by husband and wife team Adam and Lucy Riley at King Edward's Bay in Tynemouth.

Based off their mobile success they started a crowd-funding campaign, and managed to raise around £20,000 which was backed by more than 200 people who took up a range of offers such as having lobster cooked at a location of their choice, or catering for an event.

They deal daily with the local fishermen so they only use the freshest ingredients, and the dishes they having been creating a serving have also been gaining high praise.

Of course when buying the fish so fresh the variety and quantity of stock is very much changeable every day, but you can usually find a supply of the staple pieces…
* Wraps that include Mackerel, Monkfish, Kipper, and Red Mullet
* Chargrilled dishes that include Lobster (whole and half), Surf & Turf, Chargrilled Squid, and Turbot Fillet w/Caper Butter
* Mains that include Wood Roast Cod on Puy Lentils, Pancetta & Parmesan Crumb.  Pan Fried Salted Hake w/ Caper Butter. Chilli Fish & Vegetable Empanadas.

With chargrilled seasonal fish wraps and seasonal seafood being served in a handmade wood fibred flatbread with their signature vinaigrette salads and Hepplewhite’s Chipotle Chilli Relish and crispy hot-plate garlic potatoes.

Also you’ll find that the hot and cold drinks (including beer), pastries and chocolate products that are available are all sourced from local companies too.

As for design, there are two full side-access 20ft shipping containers, of which the sides open out to form the balcony floor. It’s then been fitted out steampunk-style in a mixture of dark wood and artfully rusted steel. The balcony out front has a narrow counter so you can sit on hardwood stools and look out over the beach, under cover of yellow tarpaulins. 
Alternatively if the weather is not so great (or even if it is) there is also a small amount of seating available inside behind some sliding glass doors.

On the catering side of things the containers are fitted with a barbecue grill and wood fire pizza oven to cook the previously mentioned flatbreads.

They are open all year round (9.30 am till 10.00 pm every day except Tuesday’s), so you don’t need to worry about seasonal openings either.

For more information they have their own website which you can find here.