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Whiskey Stones & Glasses

Can your favourite tipple be enhanced by the glass it’s drank from? We think it can, so we’ve put together a collection of must-have spirit glasses, and to make sure you never compromise the taste of your bourbon there’s whiskey stones too.

With the help of the guys over at Cool Material here’s some must have whiskey glasses, as well as innovative whiskey stones……all in the name of idyllic drinking.

Whiskey Stones

If you’re the kind of guy who likes his whiskey on the rocks, literally, these are for you. Perfect for slightly chilling a drop of your favorite beverage, these Whisky Stones will draw some attention during your next poker night. Nine stones are included in the set so you can consume with at least two friends, and since these are milled by the oldest soapstone workshop in the US you’ll be consuming for years to come.

Matterhorn Glasses

How do you unwind after a grueling day of hiking? How about a bit of whiskey from your new Matterhorn Glass. Inspired by the famous mountain in the Alps, the glass is way more interesting than your average tumbler. Crafted out of crystal, the glass looks even more impressive when it’s half-filled with some of the good stuff than it does when sitting on the shelf, which is good because you’ll want to use it often and show it off. You may never conquer the 14,500+ ft mountain, but you can conquer a few fingers of Johnnie Walker after work.

Gentleman’s Glassware

You know that feeling you get when you're about to crack the wax on a bottle of Maker's Mark? Now you can salivate in the same way when you pour a few fingers into one of these tumblers. Each glass is dipped in a black polymer to mimic that wax look on a bottle of fine booze. The set of four 11 oz glasses makes for the perfect collection to have on hand when a few friends come by to sample your good stuff. Much more impressive options than the glasses you use for juice and soda.

Steel Ice Cubes

Ice is pretty simple. Pour some water into a plastic tray, throw it in the freezer, and wait. It’s easy, cheap and will, ultimately, make your drink cold. Unfortunately, that also means it’s going to water it down which is not something you want when you’re drinking the fancy, special occasion booze. These one inch stainless steel cubes are the perfect alternative to whiskey stones because they’re not porous and won’t absorb any of the good stuff. Each stainless cube in the four pack is filled with a non-toxic gel that will keep your drink as cold and delicious as it is shiny.

Faceted Whiskey Glasses

If you love the idea of sipping some good Scotch like Rick Deckard in Blade Runner, but are not yet ready to shell out more on a glasses than on the booze itself then these are for you. A option that’s affordable and stylish and will do your Glenlivet proud. The Cassiopea Rocks Glasses sport a similar motif and cost under $25 for a set of four. Choose from “Clear” or “Smoke” and start downing your booze in style before taking out some replicants.

Melted Whiskey Glasses

No, you haven’t had too much bourbon; these glasses do look like this. While the Melted Whiskey Glass looks like it was pulled out of the kiln a bit too early, it’s actually designed to give the appearance of motion and offer finger-friendly grooves. The unique design allows the tumblers to sit nicely in your hand so you can sip your whiskey slowly.

All of the items featured here you can pick up from here, as well as a host of other drinkware.