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Designs Of The Year 2015 - Transport


London’s Design Museum has announced the nominees for its 2015 Designs of the Year.

Now in its 8th year, Designs Of The Year celebrates design that promotes or delivers change, enable access, extends design practice, or captures the spirit of the year over various categories.

The six categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Product, Graphics, and Transport.

The 76 nominated projects will be showcased in the exhibition of nominees which opens at the Design Museum on 25 March, 2015. A specially selected jury will choose a winner for each category and an overall winner. The category winners will be announced on May 4 and the overall winner will be revealed during event at the Design Museum on June 4.

The Transport category looks at more than just planes, trains, and automobiles, but everything associated with it.
Designs include…

We seem to have been talking about Google’s Self-Driving Car for forever, but 2014 took a big step forward for what is quite clearly the leader in this field, with the group racking up 750’000 autonomous-driving miles, and revealing a new prototype of its driverless car, which had no steering wheel, gas pedal, or brake pedal, and worked off of an inch perfect map.


Reinventing the wheel might well be a big ask, but that is just what UK designer Sam Pearce is trying to do with the Loopwheel. It is designed to be a suspension within the wheel itself, and is aimed at providing a smoother ride for modes of transport where a suspension isn’t ideal such as foldable bikes, and wheelchairs.


D-Air Street is the Dainese airbag designed for use on the road. It works without any physical connection to the motorcycle and comprises two systems - one that’s installed on the bike, called M-kit, and one that’s fitted in the jacket, called J-kit. This architecture enables rapid crash response times and effective protection throughout the dynamics of a road accident.


Here is the full list of nominations this year in the Transport category.

Google Self-Driving Car – A prototype small car that drives itself.
D-Air-Bag Street – An air-bag system that predicts motorbike crashes.
BMW i8 – A sleek eco-friendly sports car.
Loopwheels – A wheel that’s its own shock-absorber.
Tesla Model S – A high-performance electric saloon car.
MOTIV.e City Car – A green city runaround from an F1 designer.

For more information on this and to see the other categories please head on over to here.